Monday, August 3, 2009


You should try this, you might be amazed.

A few years back I read an article in a magazine, actually a horoscope magazine, about a way to resolve issues you may have which are stopping you from living the kind of life you really want. The basic theory is that your mind absorbs information from everything around you, good and bad, and stores that data in your subconscious mind, where you may not even be aware of it.

The suggestion in the article was to make a list of all the negative things you have been told about yourself by other people (I will add that you should also list things you tell yourself which limit the actions you take, such as "I'm too shy, I'm not smart, pretty, etc., you fill in the blanks), and then next to every negative word, list it's opposite. For example, if someone said you're stupid, you write; I'm smart, intelligent, even a genius. Hey, this list is just for you, so have fun with it. If you think you're afraid to do something try "I am courageous". You get the point.

When you are finished with your list rip it in half and throw away the side with the negative. We are only interested in the positive. The next step in the article is to record, in your own voice, all the positive statements on your list. The last step is to listen to this as you are falling asleep at night with the volume loud enough to hear but not so loud that it will wake you up.

I bought a mini cassette recorder for $20.00, you can use any means you like. I will add a caution here, be sure your list is phrased using only positive statements. You must say, "I am smart", not, "I'm not stupid". I saved this article for a few years before I actually tried it. In the meantime I bought a cd which was made for this purpose, and it had some beautiful music and statements in it, but it also had a recurring phrase in it something like, "I never focus on my problems", or something to that effect. Don't you know that for several months I had all kinds of bad things happening, which I hadn't had in years, and when I finally realized it might be that cd, I stopped listening to it, and things were okay again. It may be coincidence, but why take chances?

In addition to the positive statements about yourself you can add anything you want in your life, such as, "I am an exceptional student", "I have the perfect job", "I am a great guitarist", "I am a movie star", whatever would make you happy, and I think it's better to be specific. I'm not a psychologist, I only know what I've read and heard in popular culture, but I think any positive reinforcement you give yourself is a good thing.

I have added a few videos from You Tube that I think will help you get started on the road to having the life you want, just remember to take some action towards your goals.


  1. A valuable post and it much helpfull to all.Thanks a lot for your post.

    Karim - Positive thinking

  2. Thank you Karim, I hope it does help.