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"Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay."
-Simone de Beauvoir

Friday, October 2, 2009

Clutter's Side Effects: How the State of Your Home Affects Your Life by Stephanie Roberts

Each area of your home has a symbolic meaning with which you resonate on a subconscious level. Clutter and untidiness within each of these areas causes constriction and inertia in the corresponding aspects of your life.

The Kitchen has been called the "heart of the home," and with good reason. Here we are nourished and provided for, even if we are dining on a frozen entree zapped in the microwave rather than a homemade meal lovingly presented by Mom. An untidy and disorganized kitchen makes it hard to nourish yourself and others, on both physical and metaphysical levels. How you care for your kitchen is a clue about whether you are giving proper attention to your own nourishment and sources of abundance. Cleaning up and decluttering your kitchen opens up space for you to receive the support and comfort that you need in life.

These are spaces where you mingle with and honor your relationships with family and friends. Here you engage with the world while being at home through watching television, reading the paper, or arguing politics with old friends over dinner. Clutter can turn these social spaces into dens of isolation, especially if the mess is so bad that it has been years since you've invited people over. Look around your living and dining rooms to see what they say about your relationship with the rest of the world. Are you hiding your true self from others, burying it in clutter, or putting it on display here?

Hallways are the arteries and highways of your home. Think of clutter in your hallways as a traffic jam that prevents important connections between different areas of your home and your life. Look at your hallways to see how you feel about your life's path: are they well lit and easily navigable, or do they trip you up? If you feel a disconnect between work and family, self and others, what you need and your obligations, it may be time to give your hallways a good clearing out.

Bathing and anointing the body is a preparatory ritual for many religious rites both ancient and contemporary. On a daily basis we use this space to prepare ourselves to meet the world. Clutter in the bathroom can indicate a devaluation of self-worth, a lack of attention to self that goes beyond the physical. A clean, well-decorated bathroom can become a tranquil sanctuary for rejuvenation and self-care. Scented soaps, attractive accessories, and fragrant candles have a place here. Beautifying your bathroom by eliminating clutter and disorder and transforming it into a place of refuge will bring a sense of the sacred into your morning and evening personal-care rituals.

Adults bedrooms are for sleeping and intimacy, and they should function as places of renewal for self and relationships. Clutter in the bedroom is enervating without being restful. If you feel "wired and tired" creating order out of chaos in this most personal space can help you relax and let go of the stress of the day. Then you can get a good night's sleep or enjoy some special time with your partner.

Closets represent things that are hidden, unknown, or unrecognized. When we fill our closets with clutter we stifle our ability to be insightful and intuitive. Cluttered closets can indicate problems that you may not be consciously aware of but which impede your progress through life, work, and relationships nonetheless. Keeping the closet door closed is not an effective solution.

A cluttered attic creates a feeling of being under pressure. It's hard to feel optimistic about the future when there's so much stuff "hanging over your head." Ancestor issues reside up there, along with all those boxes and chests holding the detritus of generations. And the basement and other below-ground storage areas are considered abodes of the subconscious, so watch your step and get that clutter cleaned up!

Think of your car as a symbol of mobility, independence, and ability to be self-directed in life. If there's so much stuff piled up in your garage that you can barely fit the car in there, you may be hampered or overly cautious moving forward in life as well.

Stop thinking of clutter-clearing as a tremendous chore, and start thinking of it as one of the most effective self-improvement tactics available to you. Every magazine and piece of paper you recycle, every book you give to the library, every knick-knack and item of clothing you release to a new owner creates space in your life for new insight, energy, joy, and experiences to come in!

copyright 2003 Stephanie Roberts

(excerpted from Clutter-Free Forever!", Lotus Pond Press, 2003)

Stephanie Roberts is the author of "Fast Feng Shui: 9 Simple Principles for Transforming Your Life by Energizing Your Home", a #1 most popular book on Her new "Clutter-Free Forever!" e-book and Home Coaching Program are now available at

Sunday, September 27, 2009




I am writing this post at the risk of sounding like a crazy person, hope it helps those who are open to it. My understanding of the theory behind Gem Healing is basically that stones emit energy, just as everything else does, and by carrying a stone you are putting yourself in the frequency of that stone. Each stone has its own unique chemical properties and characteristics. To me, if quartz can move a clock with its electrical vibration it stands to reason that quartz and other stones can affect our electromagnetic field as well.

The problem though, is finding accurate information about which stone has which effect on us. I have 3 books that all name different stones for different areas of life. I've seen ads in catalogs that claim certain stones have healing powers that I haven't witnessed. There is information on the internet, other books, and even ebay, all attributing different powers to the same stone. To get off the subject for a moment, I also have found this with other metaphysical subjects. In Feng Shui I've seen conflicting advice, and even Astrology has different methods that can change a whole chart.

So, what I do is experiment and use the information and methods that I feel are most accurate and disregard the rest. That said, I have seen some definite effects from stones, sometimes curious ones. On several occasions I have been wearing a stone, didn't really notice any effect on me, but other people commented that I had the attributes of the stone I was wearing.

CAUTION - Please, Please, don't go out and buy or order a bunch of jewelry. The effects of these stones are apparent whether it is a rough, unpolished stone for $2.00 or a $400.00 gold ring. Size and condition also don't matter, so a small stone with scratches is fine. Please use this information wisely.

Okay, one day I was at work and carrying an orange sapphire with me. My most reliable source associates orange sapphire with learning and becoming an expert in your intellectual field. I personally didn't notice any special effect on me, but someone at work asked me if I was a college student. Not so unusual, but I was well past the age of a typical college student. Another time with the same stone, a different person was going on about how smart I was because of an idea I had. Flattery is not this person's typical behavior.

Another stone I've had this type of experience with is pink topaz. While carrying a pink topaz, which is said to foster ethics and moral character, 2 people said that I was an honest person. One more time to tell you about; when I was carrying tsavorite garnet and connemara marble someone asked me if I was happy, both stones are said to promote happiness.

These aren't coincidences to me. The only other explanation is that I believed that they would have those effects and was emitting that energy on my own, I can't say for sure.

As far as effects I myself have noticed, emerald is associated with communication and I have noticed that I sometimes talk more when carrying one. I believe quartz can help keep the body running smoothly, it doesn't hurt to try it, but if you have an illness always see a doctor, and you can use quartz in conjunction with doctor's treatment and advice. If you have a problem area try keeping the quartz near that area. For example, if you are prone to sinus problems try lying down with the quartz resting on your forehead or cheeks. Some varieties of quartz are amethyst, citrine, prasiolite, and clear rock crystal, just be sure the clear crystal is genuine quartz. To state the obvious, never eat gemstones, just had to say it, you understand. And I find garnet helps me be more motivated to get things done. To sum up I will list the stones and effects.

ORANGE SAPPHIRE - Learning and Becoming an Expert in an Intellectual Field
PINK TOPAZ - Ethics and Moral Character
TSAVORITE - Happiness
CONNEMARA - Happiness
EMERALD - Communication
QUARTZ - Physical Healing
GARNET - Motivation
SPESSARTITE GARNET - Motivation around the house
RHODOLITE GARNET - Motivation in work or career