Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hello everyone. My name is Karen. I have studied astrology for a very long time and find it pretty amazing sometimes how right on the mark some descriptions can be, while some are so general they could apply to anyone.
My understanding of the way astrology works is a kind of synchronicity between earth and the planets and luminaries; that energy present in the sky is also present here at the same time and is affecting people and events in our constantly moving universe.

I can think of several benefits of studying astrology. One big one is that if you know your birthchart and you can see how it corresponds to your own personality, then studying another person's birthchart could possibly make you more tolerant of aspects of that individual's behavior that otherwise might drive you crazy, if you realize that is just who they are, and they are not intentionally trying to get to you.

Another benefit, which has helped me tremendously, is that if you're going through a tough time you can remember the good things to come that are in your birthchart. That's not to say that astrology should replace religious faith and beliefs or responsibility for your own life, but I am in favor of anything that can add to a person's hope for a happy future.

The other side of that argument though, is that you have to take care not to focus too much on the negative points in your chart.

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